Amanda Cox

Specialist in:
Knowledge Management | Digital Content | User Experience (UX) | Technical and Business Writing

Amanda is a highly experienced copywriter, with over 15 years’ experience in the art of crafting clear, concise, audience-appropriate content.

Having worked with a range of businesses, from start ups to global corporations, and everything in between, she has a wealth of knowledge and well-honed skills in online and digital, business, and technical writing.

In the corporate world, she is highly regarded as a subject matter expert in all things knowledge and content management, developing knowledge management and content strategies for HR functions, and establishing best-practice digital content and style guidelines that align seamlessly with the company’s brand and overall strategy.

She has led numerous teams of permanent and contract content writers, including international teams, in a number of large-scale content migrations and rewrites, product and system launches, and enterprise-wide platform implementations.

A passionate advocate for the end user and their experience, Amanda doesn’t just write for you; she considers the entire experience and creates content that synchronises with your digital platforms, systems, and processes … allowing you to provide your clients and customers with the best CX imaginable.


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Available for:
  • Short- and long-term contracts
  • Temporary and back-fill assignments
  • Project work

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Skills and Experience

Business & Technical Writing

Procedures, Manuals, Documentation
  • Process mapping and documentation

  • Business and technical documents

  • Work instructions

  • Process and procedures manuals

  • Process and information publishing

Digital & Website Copy

Digital, Internets & Intranets
  • Digital content strategies

  • Content creation and development

  • Tone of voice and content guidelines 

  • Brand alignment

  • Design assets, site graphics and product photography

Knowledge Management

Frameworks, Strategy & Governance
  • Knowledge and content management frameworks 

  • Knowledge and information governance and processes

  • Information architecture (IA) and solutions

  • Information gathering and publishing

  • Document and information storage solutions

Digital UX Specialist

User Friendly Websites & Intranets
  • Site design and development

  • Requirements gathering and user testing

  • Information Architecture (IA) and User Interface (UI)

  • WCAG Accessibility guidelines

  • Human Centered Design and Mobile First principles

Stuff I've Done

Career highlights, key achievements, successes ...

Systems Experience

KMS & CMS Experience

  • SharePoint Online
  • Zendesk (Guide & Support)
  • Wordpress
  • Unily
  • Kentico
  • Custom built CMS

Systems & Software

  • MS Office Suite
  • Office 365 (O365)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud suite
  • SnagIt
  • Iorad
  • GitHub
  •  …

Project Management

  • Agile Project Management
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Signavio
  • Trello
  • JIRA
  • MS Planner

Front End Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • UX and UI principles
  • Human Centred Design
  • GitHub

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Client Feedback

  • Amanda, you are always making things easier for online content management. Thanks for always helping out.

    Program Delivery Specialist, Corporate Client
  • Thank you Amanda for your constant support with all things SharePoint! I honestly don’t know where I would be without your help and ongoing support over the past 12 months! I really appreciate all the help and guidance you have provided 🙂 You are an absolute gem to this company!

    Ashley Fordham
    Business Specialist, Corporate Client
  • Thank you for your help in pulling together the learning intranet page that is now live! Awesome work.

    Senior Learning Specialist, Corporate Client
  • AMAZING work on the [internal HR portal] content migration. I know you spent your weekend doing this BUT everything went to plan and a big part of that was because of your attention to detail and persistence. Thank you for you passion and enthusiasm for getting things right the first time. Keep smashing it

    Lena Lennartsson
    Senior HR Comms Specialist, Telstra Corporation
  • Thank you for be a general legend, but also being super approachable, an absolute expert on content (and very willing to provide guidance and share your knowledge), and for always helping us deliver to ensure a great customer (employee) experience, even if it means a super-quick turnaround time for you!!!

    Hayley Miller
    ER Specialist, Corporate Client
  • Well done on the delivery of the Parental Leave site. You’ve worked hard to develop the content with the user in mind, removing jargon and ensuring that people will understand. Plus it looks lovely and the stakeholders are happy too!

    Lena Lennartsson
    Senior HR Specialist, Telstra Corporation
  • Thanks Amanda for your amazingly fast turnaround for an urgent request when I didn’t know who else to ask!

    SME Client
  • Thanks for helping out our team with our Sharepoint / MS Teams journey. You just made it look so easy!

    Vince A
    Remuneration Specialist, Corporate Client
  • I value so much your technical expertise, continued focus on the customer experience & never excepting that nearly or OK is good enough in that context. By hearing your concern, passion and knowledge of an issue on Friday, uncovered a privacy issue that had implications outside of us. Thank you

    Senior Specialist, Business Operations, Corporate Client
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for your fantastic work on the industrial Action intranet site and for being so accommodating of our numerous and last minute requests! You’re always a pleasure to work with, but we have all particularly appreciated your help this last week while we get the site up and running. It is great to be able to trust requests will be actioned even when timeframes are short. Thank you so much Amanda!

    Monica Schulz
    ER & Policy Specialist, Corporate Client
  • Thank you for taking the time to help (and reassure!) me and stepping in to get some changes moving – your advice and time is always greatly appreciated!

    E. Peace
    Remuneration Specialist
  • Amanda has again come to the rescue and help Maria and myself set up our new SharePoint site for each of our areas. Amanda again made the complex simple (and dealing with me it has to be really simple) and made it fun and interactive along the way. Amanda made it a real collaborative approach with Maria and I – as we both have similar but different areas to cover – and Amanda made that easy. The end product was on mark!

    Troy P.
    Senior Finance Specialist, Corporate Client
  • Thank you so much for all the support you have provided me with our website platform and site. I know I can always rely on you if I have any issues and you always have the time to teach me 🙂 – Thanks again!

    E. Martin
    SME Client
  • Amanda helped us get some info for a large number of employees from the back end of the system due to a problem in a very timely manner to ensure that we could get necessary info to the supplier. THANKS HEAPS for your help.

    Employee Rewards & Benefits Specialist, Corporate Client
  • Thanks for all your assistance with updating [intranet site] for the launch of our new employee recognition platform. Greatly appreciated by the whole project team.

    Andrew Fox
    Senior Performance & Rewards Specialist, Corporate Client
  • Thanks for all your help and support to build the new [redacted] portal. It is a big win for making the complex simple. Thanks, Kate

    Katie S
    Careers & Recruitment Specialist - Graduate Program, Corporate Client
  • Thanks Amanda for all your help in getting to know the functionality of of our technology and systems, and then setting everything up for me. Wouldn’t have been able to get everything ready to go so quickly without you!

    Recruitment Specialist, Corporate Client
  • Thank you Amanda for creating the new webform for our resourcing function. Your knowledge and expertise certainly helped make the process simple. Thank you again!

    Bec H.
    Senior Project Manager, Corporate Client
  • Thank you for all of your hard work on the employee recognition content. You had a tight timeframe and you worked hard on not only getting the content done, but re-working it and making it amazing. You are ‘Appreciated’ 🙂

    Lena L
    Digital Comms & Channel Management Lead, Telstra Corporation