I’ll Have What They’re Getting!

Professional and Passionate

Success comes not only from years of honing a skill, but a willingness to learn, to develop, and to truly understand. It comes from a deep passion for your work, a care for the outcome, and breadth of experience.

I care about the experiences of the digital end-users, and my skills and experience have provided me with the deep understanding necessary to help you succeed in your business … as I have done for many businesses, large and small, over the last fifteen years.

Large-Scale Content Migration

Content Team Lead in the migration and rewrite of 14,000 pages of complex technical and product information into a new digital platform, to support over 3,000 customer-facing global contact centre employees.

  • Designed, developed, and implemented content and knowledge management frameworks to support the rewrite / migration project

  • Designed and developed content and style guidelines, user guides, and content development procedures and processes

  • Provided support and training to a team of contractors and key stakeholders, to ensure consistency and alignment to the principles and guidelines

  • Designed business as usual (BAU) content and knowledge management support guides, user guides, quick reference guides, leader guides for implementation post-project

Knowledge / Information Management93%
Technical Writing97%
Process Implementation96%
Training and Support99%

Large-Scale Content Rewrite

Content Team Lead in a large scale content migration to support the globlisation of an HR business unit, moving support services offshore. Reduced the number of support sites from thirty-two to three.

  • Project managed the re-purpose and migration of complex and heavily-used information with minimal disruption to 35,000+ employees

  • Developed and implemented content rewrite and sign-off processes, ensuring information was correct, complete, and relevant

  • Provided support and training to a team of contractors, including training on strict branding guidelines and use of a heavily customised content management system

  • Designed and implemented best-practice content and style guidelines to meet the needs of a global audience and uptake across the HR function

Stakeholder Management98%
Training and Support97%
Knowledge Management / Information Architecture98%
Project Management92%

Technology (CMS) Migration

Product Owner and Team Lead in the transition of content and processes from one platform to another, providing support and training to unskilled employees, including international employees.

  • Worked closely with the digital and technical teams to design and implement a knowledge base to support the self-service strategy of an HR function

  • Trained and supported a team of rapidly changing, unskilled and inexperienced employees to assist in the migration of content into the new platform

  • Designed and developed best-practice content and style guidelines ensuring end-user and accessiblity requirements were met

  • Designed, developed, and implemented content management processes and procedures

Training and Support98%
Process Implementation95%
UX and Accessibility Principles98%
Project Management91%

Content Administration Transition

Project Lead in the transition of content administration activities to a team in the Philippines, providing training, support, mentorship, and development and implementation of content, style, and user guides.

  • Designed and delivered specialist training and support materials to upskill and uplift capabilities of international employees

  • Designed, developed, and implemented content administration processes and procedures to support content and process owners, and the new content administration team

  • Reviewed and rewrote the content and style guidelines to meet the needs of international teams, to ensure ongoing consistency, accuracy, and relevance of content, globally

  • Developed a series of user guides, quick reference guides, and workshop materials to support ongoing development for the team

Training Delivery98%
Training and Support Materials99%
Process Development97%
Communication (Verbal and Written)98%

Content Strategy and Governance

Set up, implemented, and established the knowledge management framework and content administration and management processes, guidelines, and governance for an HR business unit for a global corporation.

  • Developed and delivered best-practice knowledge and information framework and sharing, including privacy and security requirements

  • Designed and developed guidelines and support materials for best-practice document storage solutions and sharing, utilising the SharePoint platform

  • Developed and implemented best-practice content and style guidelines across the HR function

  • Developed and delivered a range of training and workshops to support consistency across the function, and ensure privacy and security compliance across all technologies


Knowledge / Information Management98%
Content Management Best Practice99%
UX and Accessibility Requirements96%
Training and Support98%
Stakeholder Management97%

Specialist Site Build

Built a centre of expertise intranet site by bringing together audience-relevant information in one simple user experience.

  • Conducted user feedback and requirements gathering workshops to ensure user needs were understood and carefully considered

  • Designed and developed the information architecture, categorisation, and user interface ensuring user experience and accessibility needs were adhered to

  • Conducted user acceptance testing (UAT) workshops and implemented improvements

  • Conducted extensive research into search terms and keywords to ensure robust search functionality on a highly customised content management platform

Knowledge / Information Management98%
Information Architecture100%
UI / Front-end Development99%
UX Principles98%
Requirements Gathering99%